Inspired by a century of Lower East Side marketplace traditions

As the historic center for New York’s merchant class, no neighborhood is a better home for The City’s marketplace than the Lower East Side. And today’s Lower East Side is what it has always been – a place of connection between people from all walks of life.

It’s where people from across New York City and around the world come to engage with one another. Independent shopkeepers, new families, locals from every generation, all live side by side, creating a vibrant place with a true sense of community.


A marketplace that showcases the diversity, energy, and ambition of New York City.

Here at The Market Line, you’ll find a mix of everything the City has to offer. Here you’ll find baskets filled with fresh produce next to displays of innovative technologies. Here you’ll find up-and-coming designers sharing shelf space with local fashion favorites. Here you’ll find recipes passed down from generations, served beside those imagined just yesterday. Here you’ll find the new home of the Essex Street Market, a Lower East Side establishment since 1940. Here you’ll find an open marketplace that stretches for three city blocks, and is filled with over a hundred local merchants who believe in what they do and care about what they make. The Market Line will be New York City’s public market.

Opening in 2018, The Market Line
will serve the daily needs of the Lower East Side community and be the marketplace for all New Yorkers.


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